Design is much more that aesthetic beauty. It is both function and innovation. But much more, too. In the words of Steve Jobs, “It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Design is a transformative, transversal value that projects companies and projects towards the world and towards the future. At Capdell, our commitment to design (product, graphic and production design) goes back to the very start of the company and has been a constant in our work, every day.

Our pieces wouldn’t make sense without design, and nor would the furniture sector in Valencia. This is why all of us here at Capdell are excited to be backing an inspiring new initiative that is bringing together design-related professionals, authorities and companies in Valencia under the umbrella of the Associació València Capital Mundial del Disseny (Valencia World Design Capital Association).

This private, professional association, which we are promoting, is working on a comprehensive, integrative project to make Valencia the World Design Capital for 2022. This recognition is granted every two years by the World Design Organization.

A project we have embarked on because we believe in the importance of design and the commercial and industrial power of the Valencian Community and the companies working here.

Being named a Design Capital would boost Valencia’s world-renowned brand, helping project its companies and products towards a global market, where Capdell’s presence would only grow. This image would also generate economic value and draw the attention of visitors and investors alike. A candidacy that would bring together sectors, companies and residents across the board through gatherings, congresses and activities promoting new internationalisation processes.

A candidacy that conceives of design as “a source of innovation and driving force for positive change” and will be presented officially in the coming weeks to the World Design Organization, which will announce the short list in June. Then, the assessment process will begin, culminating in October with the announcement of the winning city. And we all hope it is Valencia.