Everyone is different. We all have different experiences, we’ve faced different challenges, achieved different successes. If you study the world around you, focus through the haze of the rush and the broad strokes, you can find these differences in tiny details.

What is surprising is that these tiny details and differences are what make people stand out from the crowd, they are expressions of our personalities and our humanity.

Craftsmanship is an art that has existed since the beginning of humanity, but in a world where industrialisation has produced uniformity the craftsman is ever more important, he adds innovation, quality, attention to detail, individuality. It’s knowledge that passes from person to person, generation to generation, enriched over time.

At Capdell, this knowledge has been evolving for more than 50 years and has allowed us to innovate, experiment, play and dream. We are always seeking to enhance the sensations that connect us with the product, the smell of wood, the warmth of the upholstery, the elegance of the design.

Working with extinguished and talented designers such as Gabriel Teixidó, Carlos Tíscar and Patrick Norguet, among many others, we are able to give life to their visions in our Valencia factory allowing for strong and open communication at all stages of the process. 

Our furniture carries the spirit of everyone at Capdell, from the hands that made them to the minds that designed them, each piece brings a little of each of us with it.

Craftsmanship and technology in each process. Quality, ergonomics and  design in each product.