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Moon light provides design and elegance to the restaurant of the historic Trinquet de Pelayo

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The oldest trinquet, or ball court, of the city of Valencia, the Trinquet de Pelayo, has renewed its gastronomic proposal with a restaurant that combines an innovative design with the sporting tradition of the “pilota valenciana” ball game. A conjunction of avant-garde, design and traditional craftsmanship that suit the qualities of our Moon light chair, [...]

The hotel Jardines Nivaria in Tenerife shows off our Aro and Moon Light chairs

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The suites of the hotel Jardines Nivaria in Tenerife are already showing off pieces from our Aro and Moon Light collection, in a refurbishment project taken on by the Stone Designs studio, which aims at giving each of the rooms its own unique personality. By combining a reinterpretation of the Art Nouveu style with the [...]

Samsung Office’s – Capdell

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30 kilometres south of Seoul, in Suwon (South Korea), is Samsung Digital City, a real smart city that has grown up around the campus of this technological giant, designed and created to recruit the talent of the world’s most brilliant minds: their new Samsung Office’s. 35,000 people work in its four emblematic [...]

Capdell furnishes Avianca’s VIP lounge areas in Bogota airport

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¿What does a traveller expect from a VIP lounge at an airport? A comfortable space with privacy and nice areas to eat something, work or simply relax.  For the airline company, this is a representative space where to attend in an exquisite way their most loyal guests. Thinking in their guests, [...]