30 kilometres south of Seoul, in Suwon (South Korea), is Samsung Digital City, a real smart city that has grown up around the campus of this technological giant, designed and created to recruit the talent of the world’s most brilliant minds: their new Samsung Office’s.

35,000 people work in its four emblematic 38-storey towers in an area that includes restaurants, sports facilities (ten basketball courts, four badminton courts and three football fields), kindergartens, recreational areas, a health centre and its own bus system.

Our ARO, ECO and AVA collections,  all signed by the designer Carlos Tíscarequip the offices of this pioneering and innovative company, bringing their unique and sophisticated design and the soundness and quality inherent to all the products of Capdell.

Chairs made from sustainable wood, according to the company’s demanding sustainability principles, using materials that contain no harmful substances. They have all been placed in communal and rest areas, waiting rooms and meeting rooms at the head office of Samsung, to which they contribute soundness and, at the same time, sophistication.


ARO reinterprets the round chair, creating seats and tables in wood, whilst AVA benefits from the contrast between the solidity of its structure and the lightness of each of its component parts, with slightly inclined straight lines.

As for ECO, this is one of the most characteristic designs of our catalogues, transmitting warmth with its sculptural silhouette, devoid of sharp edges.

The new Samsung Office’s, which provides social, health and educational services to its permanent and temporary staff, has recently been modernised to incorporate 150 new video conference rooms, an auditorium for 700 people and a co-working laboratory with 1,000 meeting rooms.

The innovation of this campus lies not only in the technologies found in each of its research centres but also in a flexible working system that allows engineers and designers to choose their own working hours.

Samsung Digital City looks to the future and to the present – serving over 72,000 free meals and 92 different menus daily to employees and visitors – but also to the past, with the Samsung Innovation Museum, dedicated to the evolution of electronics over the past 300 years.