The suites of the hotel Jardines Nivaria in Tenerife are already showing off pieces from our Aro and Moon Light collection, in a refurbishment project taken on by the Stone Designs studio, which aims at giving each of the rooms its own unique personality.

By combining a reinterpretation of the Art Nouveu style with the timeless look that is essential for a project of these characteristics, the designers have made the colours and the textures the distinguishing marks of the suites.

Colours and textures that find their aesthetic continuity in our Aro chairs, designed by Carlos Tiscar, which reinterpret the round chair concept and in the Moon Light chairs by Gabriel Teixidó, which provide comfort and bearing.

The wood plays the lead in the spherical silhouette of the tables and chairs, which have also been upholstered in tones of red as in the case of Aro and browns in the case of Moon Light, to give the ensemble warmth and sophistication. Wood that is the main character in both programmes and in the design of each room evokes the values of traditional cabinetmaking in suites designed with the visitors’ well-being in mind.

The interior design project by Stone Designs, photographed by Alberto Monteagudo, has had the help of Capdell for the suites and it also includes two restaurants, terraces, the spa area and other communal areas.

Photos: Alberto Monteagudo