An atypical, welcoming space, somewhere between a museum and a hotel. This is the interior-design concept that Vitale studio has expressed at Vericat clinic, which specialises in dental implants. A concept of warmth and comfort that conveys a professional, exclusive image that is further enriched by the Moon Bold and Concord chairs by Capdell.

The Moon Bold chair with metal legs, designed by Gabriel Teixidó, brings comfort and elegance to any space, whether the waiting room or consulting rooms.

The Concord lounge chair by Claesson Koivisto Rune studio, in its two- and three-layer versions, brings ergonomic comfort and sophistication to this clinic and any sort of contract environment

Two signature furniture options that convey trust and warm service, in line with the interior-design project that aimed specifically to avoid the cold, sterile feel traditionally associated with spaces used for this type of treatments.

This clinic in Alzira (Valencia) has 300 square metres of space on three levels and strives to make patients feel comfortable and cared for, calm in a serene environment, through design and furnishings.