Elegant and stylish. These are the traits that define Capdell’s signature furniture and, by extension, this home in Montcada, Spain, that has been decorated with several of our collections.

The living/dining room of this rustic home with stylish furniture is, in itself, a reflection of the Capdell style.

Four NIX chairs by Patrick Norguet, winner of the 2018 GOOD DESIGN AWARD, frame the Libris table by Vicente Martínez, with a white marble surface. The sophisticated 3D spherical geometry of the NIX backrest finds its perfect foil in the straight lines and materials of the Libris table, full of tradition, culture and good taste in woodworking – creating curved laminated-wooden arches to support the tabletop. 


In the relaxation area, there is a sofa made from Patrick Norguet’s Insula system, which features a basic structure to which backrests and seats can be added with no limit to fit the size of each space and project.

It shares the space with a reading nook featuring Mario Ruiz’s iconic Ply armchairs and a Tri-Star side table from Claesson Koivisto Rune, perfect for a cup of tea, a good book or one of our home electronic devices. Its unusual central stem with three triangular aluminium extrusions that form a 3-point, star-shaped base contributes to the stylish aesthetics of this space.

Ply gives this space character and style, embracing the architecture of the chair with light, soft, high-quality leather covering the structure, whether in wood or metal. Chairs whose only artistic license is on the back, and that aspire to accompany us in our moments of relaxation.


The kitchen features high benches with clean lines, which are set off with two Tic stools by Salvador Villalba. These fresh, fun pieces have a personality all their own and allow for different sitting positions.


And from the Tic stools inside, we move to the Cloud stool by Kazuko Okamoto, outside. A stool designed like a cloud floating in a clear blue sky, with a seat that rests on two legs and an open space. The white of the stools goes perfectly with the MJ bar table designed by Capdell, which is highly versatile and functional.


Back inside the home, we find two spaces that could seem neutral at first glance: the bathroom and the space that gives onto the terrace. Here, however, they become unique and attractive thanks to the Marta armchair by Gabriel Teixidó, which combines wood tones with a black backrest and seat.


In the bedroom, the Panel and Stir armchairs, by Lucy Kurrein and Kazuko Okamoto, respectively, bring a sophisticated air to the space and show the owners’ penchant for signature furniture. The Panel seat combines form and comfort in a meticulously edged leather surface that goes perfectly with the steel structure.


Stir was inspired by Okiagari Konoshi, the traditional Japanese good-luck doll made of papier-mâché. It may wobble, but its balanced centre of gravity always brings it back to the same position. Light, cradling, made of beech plywood, Stir is symmetrical and ethereal.

Photo: Mayte Piera