Fran Silvestre’s talent goes from architecture to interior design to product design. In fact, he is the one who signs our A-Collection, chairs and stools that arise from the contrast of wood and metal. Included in this spectacular project.

The squared metal structure and orthogonal geometry of the A-Collection chairs provides stability to the piece, combined with a wooden shell that guarantees comfort and ergonomics.

This timeless and sophisticated design, together with its functionality, makes A-Collection a perfect option for dining table of this house.

The house rises up from the landscape, with fantastic views over the Mediterranean sea. The extruded T-shaped roof that follows along the house, becomes the low structure that runs the life of this house.

A diaphanous space that combines nature, design and sophistication and has been selected as a finalist for the 2019 Building of the Year, according to ArchDaily architecture platform. The Hofmann house, the only Spanish project nominated for this award in 2019, has earned Fran Silvestre Architects its fifth nomination for this award.