About us


At Capdell we are fully aware that, in these times where everything is changing and moving an uncontrollable speed, it is necessary to surround ourselves with people and elements who connect us to the world and allow us to enjoy it to the maximum. Thanks to the careful and responsible design process, and the minute work by several generations of artisans, we offer furniture that is long-lasting, high quality, sustainable and of local production with a story to tell and another one to create together with the people who use it.

Our mission is to create exclusive furniture based on the tradition and know-how that has been constructed over the last 50 years. To the innovation, industry and technology, we add the craftsmanship, human team and design in order to develop our unique collection pieces.


Over 50 years after our first wooden chair came out of a small workshop in Valencia, Capdell has continued to evolve and combine the technological advances with the art and tradition of the craftsmanship in order to become a referential company within the sector.

Since it opened up to the global market in the year 1985, with a proposal based on quality, design and innovation, Capdell has worked with important designers and architects of both national and international prestige, little by little creating standards for accuracy and beauty that are currently applied to all of our products.

Currently, Capdell is present in over 40 countries on all of the continents and works day by day to maintain the proposal of being a brand that is capable of integrating innovation, tradition and style with proximity, trust and transparency for a company that forms part of all of our lives.

Currently, Capdell is present in more than 40 countries on all continents and works every day to maintain the proposal of being a brand capable of combining innovation, tradition and style with the closeness, trust and transparency of a company that is part of of the lives of all of us.


At Capdell, we understand design as a live element, capable of transmitting emotions where functionality, aesthetics and quality are worked into each detail. Through the design, we connect people to the product and the product to the space. Working closely with important designers from a national and international scope, we include the latest design trends to their collections and open the door to all types of creative, original and innovative ideas in order to adapt our products to all types of spaces.


The commitment to the environment and to caring for nature are two essential points for our brand. We are aware of the large challenges that we face as a society and the responsibility that, as furniture manufacturers, we have with the ecosystems and education of the consumer.

A responsible design is that which considers both the origin, transformation, use and end of life of the product. For this reason, all of our activities pass through continuous improvement processes in order to achieve a carbon footprint of 0%.

Thanks to our selection of materials and processes and the development of a company with national, centralised and local facilities and plant, we can balance our impact on the environment. With the use of wood originating from forests with PEFC certification, forests that are managed in an ecologically responsible manner, we guarantee that the level of production today will not affect the capacity for consumption tomorrow. This bodes a positive future for both society and the company’s work.


Our over 50 years of transmitting know-how and training among artisans gives us detailed knowledge of the different parts and processes of each of our pieces of furniture, thus ensuring the correct development and perfection of each one.

The predisposition for the incorporation of new technologies and advances in the design and manufacturing process makes us more demanding and leads us to set much higher quality standards that allow us to guarantee the good conditions of the product throughout its life cycle.

The company’s work with important designers, prizes, collaborations and reputation on a national and international scale supports us, but it is the satisfaction of our customers who enjoy one of our tables, chairs or stools that supports us the most and consolidates us as a quality and professional brand within the sector.