About us


At Capdell, we are fully aware that, in these times where everything is changing and moving at an uncontrollable speed, it is necessary to surround ourselves with people and elements who connect us to the world and allow us to preserve it.

We understand design as a live element, capable of transmitting emotions where functionality, aesthetics and quality are worked into each detail. Through the design, we connect people to the product and the product to the space, creating dialogues and emotions.

The commitment to sustainability, the environment and caring for nature are essential points for our brand. We are aware of the big challenges that we face as a society and the responsibility that, like furniture manufacturers, we have with the ecosystems and education of the consumer.

Thanks to the careful and responsible design process and the meticulous work by several generations of artisans, we offer long-lasting furniture, high quality, sustainable and locally produced with a story to tell and another one to create together with the people who use it.


Our story started in 1967 by the will of two brothers to open a chair factory to start a furniture business together. Curvados Garcia was founded in a small village near Valencia as a small factory dedicated to classic chair production.

A few years later the company had more than a hundred employees and they expanded the factory building to what is now Capdell main factory.

At the beginning of the eighties, pushed by a strong crisis in Spain, the company changed its name and became Paco Capdell. The name Capdell was a family’s nickname meaning someone that is perseverant and dedicated. A new company was born with a new strategy in mind - the incorporation of design into its values moving towards design as an integral process of the company and innovation. A chair is no longer a chair, it begins to tell a story and to connect with the people who sit on it.


The commitment to sustainability, the environment and the care of nature are essential points for our brand. We are aware of the great challenges we face as a society and of the responsibility that, as furniture manufacturers, we have with ecosystems and consumer education. A responsible design cares both about the origin, as well as the transformation, use and end of life of the product.

Thanks to our selection of materials, processes, and the development of a company with national, centralized, and local facilities and factory, we can balance our impact on the environment. With the use of wood from PEFC certified forests, forests managed responsibly, we ensure that with today's production level, tomorrow's consumption capacities will not be affected. Thus, auguring a positive future both for society and for the work of the company.




Each of our collections is the result of a joint project between the company and the designer. Our design values are based on a balance between aesthetics and function, always with the aim of manufacturing products that last and acquire value over time. We seek to create dialogues between spaces and people through design. Comfort, the use of noble materials, shapes, textures or colours are essential elements to achieve these dialogues.

Proof of this is the international recognition that design awards have given us throughout our history.




We take responsibility for the development of our products through sustainable production in Spain, under ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. The raw materials are carefully chosen from duly certified healthy environments and waste management is developed to comply with our recycling standards.

Our products are subjected to quality tests under international regulations that certify their resistance and safety.


  • UNE EN 16139: 2013 level 2
  • Ansi Bifma x5.1: 2017


For this reason, Capdell products come with a 5-year warranty for products for indoor use and 2 years for products for outdoor use.