The oldest trinquet, or ball court, of the city of Valencia, the Trinquet de Pelayo, has renewed its gastronomic proposal with a restaurant that combines an innovative design with the sporting tradition of the “pilota valenciana” ball game. A conjunction of avant-garde, design and traditional craftsmanship that suit the qualities of our Moon light chair, which fits in organically with the overall design.

Its version with wooden legs, which connects with the aesthetics of the rest of the furniture, the walls and the decorative elements, is complemented by upholstery in ochre and blue tones.

Pelayo Gastro Trinquet thus creates a gastronomic space that is visually just as emblematic as the pilota valenciana court where it is located, which boasts 150 years of history and is known as the cathedral of this sport. Solid brick walls, wood and large beams bring the aesthetics of the trinquet into the restaurant, which is crowned by a sculpture hanging in the air, created from wooden strips by the falla artist Manolo García: an enormous hand throwing a ball.

Its interior designer, Carlos Serra of the studio Mercader de Indias, has provided his sober and modern style to the aesthetics of this sporting discipline to create a space that is both inspiring and surprising, in which the Moon light chairs stand out for their lightness and comfort.

Qualities that make it one of our most popular chairs for gastronomic spaces, such as the Pelayo Gastro Trinquet and the recent restaurant Albarracín de Zaragoza by the studio Classico45Interiorismo.