The Spanish designs will be on show in Japan from the 30th of October to the 1st of November and Capdell just couldn’t resist joining in.

The Spanish Ambassador in Tokyo will host the exhibition “Bodegones cromáticos” –Spanish Chromatic Still Lifes-, which will include a wide selection of pieces by Capdell.

To be precise, our A-collection by Fran Silvestre, Eco by Carlos Tíscar, Marta by Gabriel Teixidó and Panel by Lucy Kurrein will highlight the elegance of its design and its technical quality.

The exhibition will be structured around eight harmonious islands or still lifes (wood, black and white, orange, blue, red, green, pink and wicker) and each of them will have a custom-made piece by Capdell, which proves of our capacity to personalize our products for each project and each client.

The exhibition, which is organized by the ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones and the  Oficina Económica y Comercial de España in Tokyo, will help bring the indisputable quality and creativity of Spanish design for the furniture sector closer to the Japanese market and consolidate its image with a view to the Olympic Games of 2020.

The exhibition will be enhanced by a very exciting agenda; it will include an extremely interesting discussion about design between the curator of the exhibition, Belén Moneo and the designer Francesc Rifé, who has designed various pieces in our catalogue.