At the recent edition of Nude, the Hábitat fair’s showcase for promising young designers, we had the opportunity to express our philosophy of design culture at a round table entitled “Interactions between design and business”.

The manager of Capdell, Paco García, participated with delegates from companies and design studios at a professional meeting that revealed to attendees the added and differentiating value of design, especially in the furniture sector, and which also saw the intervention of delegates from companies such as Actiu and Sanycss and design studios such as Vitale and Meridiana.


“Design provides a process of continuous improvement that makes you innovate and progress continuously.”


“Graphic design is key, and it supports the firm’s image beyond the factory walls. It transcends in everything and it must be nurtured at all stages and in all departments”, Paco García.


In fact, according to the Brand Manager of Actiu, Soledat Berbegal, the designer and manufacturer must work together to generate projects that are richer in both creativity and in solutions, via a relationship that should be efficient and profitable. In the opinion of Blanca Serrano of Sanycess, design and product require a transversal business strategy that contemplates both concepts.

The design that impregnates each and every one of the processes of Capdell stems from the conviction and commitment of the company’s technical and professional team and the search for alliances with renowned national and international designers, who are responsible for some of our most iconic pieces, including Patrick Norguet, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Gabriel Teixidó, Vicent Martínez and Carlos Tiscar.

“The way we work is to look for external designers who complement our technical office. “We seek freshness, knowledge, trends and experience to avoid falling into a routine,” explained Paco García regarding a way of working which generated interest and praise from the other participants.