Pla is an elegant table for the home in solid beech, the archetype of a traditional wooden table, whose distinctive feature is the use of eight wooden cross beams with a perfectly equal triangular section that make up the whole structure of the legs and table top support.

Solid beech wood structure.

Chamfer edge.


Ref. 2110G/2112G/2114G
Beech wood frame. Glass top 12 mm.

Ref. 2110Y/2112Y/2114Y
Beech wood frame. beech MDF top 23 mm. Chamfer edge.

Ref. 2110H/2112H/2114H
Beech wood frame. HDF 19 mm. Chamfer edge.

Ref. 2120
Side table. Height 45cm. Beech wood base.

Ref. 2122
Side table. Height 65cm. Beech wood base.

Ref. 2124
Side table. Height 35cm. Beech wood base.

Ref. 2126
Side table. Height 30cm. Beech wood base.

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