The multifunctionality is one of the main features of the MOON Collection, two shells and different bases allow us to adapt it to any space or use, meetings, eat, wait, relax at home, at the office, at the hotel… with a common denominator: comfort and aesthetic. MOON has as many faces as the moon.

With a wider and higher shell, MOON Bold looks more elegant and formal.

The multifunctionality is one of the main features of the MOON light collection.

moon bold

Ref. 664CRU
Swivel central base (cross).

Ref. 664DSC
Swivel central base (disc).

Ref. 664R4A
Piston base + wheels.

Ref. 664PTN
Skid steel base.

Ref. 664TNS
4 steel legs with tensors.

Ref. 664MD4
4 beech wood legs.

Ref. 664MD4A
4 beech wood legs overhead.

Ref. 664MD3
3 beech wood legs.

Ref. 664RMD4
4 oak wood legs.

Ref. 664RMD4A
4 oak wood legs overhead.

design gabriel teixidó