Hol has been developed to cover a wide range or spaces: stackable pieces, various backs and heights which make up a full collection.
Besides the characteristic shape of the back, the most outstanding aesthetic feature of the collection is the contrast between the hardness of the steel base and the comfort of the seat.

Wide lounge chair and barstool.

High and low backrests. Comfortable hospitality of the seat against the hardness of the steel frame.
Optinal: stackable version.


Ref. 311C
High back chair.

Ref. 311CAP
High back chair. Stackable.

Ref. 312C
Low back chair.

Ref. 312CAP
Low back chair. Stackable.

Ref. 316C
Lounge chair.

Ref. 316C XL
Lounge chair XL.

Ref. 318C

design vicente soto