Table base designed for contract, with tops of different shapes, sizes and materials, being a sober but balance design. The feature that highlights in Gus is, without a doubt, the revolutionary concrete base, which seeks to merge with the urban landscape, transforming itself into an extension of the pavement.

Concrete base 34×34 or 28×28 cm. Steel column Ø8 or Ø5 cm.

Revolutionary concrete base.

to combine with any table top from our collection


Ref. 951B28
Concrete base 28 x28 cm. Column Ø5 cm.

Ref. 951B34
Concrete base 34 x34 cm. Column Ø8 cm.

Ref. 952B28
Concrete base 28 x28 cm. Column Ø5 cm.

design francesc rifé