Eco is a chair designed as a sculptural object with a structure devoid of edges that transmits strength and stability.
Its curved shapes create an organic and sensorial element where every detail exudes comfort.
Eco brings calm and provides the user with the pleasure of rest.
This collection consists of a chair, armchair and footrest with different upholstery options in fabric or leather.

The main feature of this model is a complex skeletal structure.
This shows the personality of the chair and defines it as an almost sculptural object.

The structure, devoid of edges, radiates such strength and stability that it seems to emerge from the ground rather than being supported by it.


Ref. 500M
Beech wood frame. Wooden. Stackable.

Ref. 500T
Beech wood frame. Upholstered seat and back. Stackable.

Ref. 500P
Beech wood frame. Semi-upholstered seat and back. Stackable.

Ref. 501M
Lounge chair, beech veneer seat and back.

Ref. 501T
Lounge chair, upholstered seat and back.

Ref. 501P
Lounge chair, semi upholstered seat and back.

Ref. 501REP
Semi-upholstered footrest.

Ref. 501RET
Upholstered footrest.

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