I designed “Could stool” by imaging the white cloud that floated in the blue sky. I represented a feeling of floating by supporting a seat with two legs. And because it is two legs to support a seat, the space for leg is free. In addition, I represented sunlight to come in from the opening of the cloud by the leg of the extending downward. Because it can be removed the seat that modeled a cloud, it can be used as a metal seat in outdoor.
When these stools are arranged in the space, it is felt so that a lot of clouds float in the sky.I wanted to create the stool that the space where it was put and the action to sit down are happy.

Steel seat barstool or upholstered with expoxy tube.

Cloud is like a cloud floating in the blue sky.


Ref. 400
Steel seat and tube. Epoxy.

Ref. 400T
Upholstered seat. Steel tube. Epoxy.

design kazuko okamoto