Capdell temporarily stops production to help prevent the spread of Covid-19

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In the last few weeks, Capdell has been implementing strict measures to contribute in the fight against Covid-19, regarding hygiene and social distancing, and encouraging our team to work from home whenever possible. Now we take this commitment one step further and our factory will temporarily stop production until the 14th of April, in compliance [...]

The ISA Chair, by Vicent Martínez, at the Madrid Design Festival

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The “Neo2 Designers Awards” exhibition has included one of our pieces. The ISA chair, designed by Vicent Martínez, has had the privilege of participating in this exhibition organized by Neo2 Magazine within the framework of the Madrid Design Festival. A well-deserved honor for this design by Vicent Martínez, a chair which is loaded with symbolism [...]

Capdell’s Nix chairs and W tables embellish the transformation of a 16th century space

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The Studio Razavi has defined the interior design of a sixteenth-century space that has been restored and turned into a spectacular loft where the curved elements of the wall’s openings and the NIX chairs create a contrast with the symmetry and straight lines of the beam and the shelves. Our NIX chairs, with their curved [...]

A connection with nature at Ramón Esteve’s Madrigal House

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The project of The Madrigal House by architect Ramón Esteve combines two characteristic features: the straight lines that derive from the structures that frame each room and the use of materials in their natural state, such as wood, stone and concrete, which give the whole house a neutral and natural tone. The barstools of Capdell’s [...]

Yonoh: “In the Polo chair, we have worked to bring together pure geometry and comfort”

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When we look at a piece of design, we may wonder about it. How was it conceived? What was involved in the design process? What was the most difficult aspect of its manufacture? Sometimes, we can only imagine how the elements were assembled to give the piece the required soundness and the necessary comfort. But [...]

Gardiner Museum restaurant in Toronto

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Our Eco chairs and our MJ tables give shape and essence to the Gardiner Museum restaurant in Toronto (Canada). A space that conveys design and serenity in all its details. The Eco chairs designed by Carlos Tíscar, fits with the warmth and natural materials used at the restaurant, inspiring executive Chef Bianca Azupardo to showcase seasonal dishes. [...]

A great event of Valencian gastronomy

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The great event of the Valencian gastronomy, Gastrónoma 2019, has been another year a delicious, exciting and cordial culinary carousel. Chefs like Quique Dacosta and Begoña Rodrigo showed their creations in an area of ​​Feria Valencia that received the name of “Gourmet Bars” and in which our collections have been very present. The public was [...]

Ply and Panel at the Bay Clubhouse Costa Navarino

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On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, on the Greek coast, stands the Bay Clubhouse Costa Navarino.  Our Panel chairs, designed by Lucy Kurrein and Ply by Mario Ruiz, furnish the restaurant and common areas with elegant lines and warm materials. The nature of the Peloponnese extends to the interior of the restaurant combined with [...]

“Under the Sea” restaurant, Moscow

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Moscow's “Under the sea” restaurant manages to convey Mediterranean warmth.  The wood on the ceiling evoke the movement of the sea waves and find their visual continuity with the NIX chairs designed by Patrick Norguet. These earth tones are complemented by the gray tones selected for the upholstery of the chairs and MJ tables.  Two [...]

Come to see us at BDNY. Booth #3226

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Get inspired to create unique, durable and sustainable spaces. Discover the our collections Isa designed by Vicent Martínez and Icónica by designed by Gabriel Teixidó. Take a look at the Nix chair, designed by Patrick Norguet, recognized with a Red Dot Award and a Good Design award. REGISTER TO ATTEND FOR FREE.  FREE CODE: 10636 [...]