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Chairs by CAPDELL have become a benchmark in the world of interior design thanks their use of the latest Materials, innovative designs and distinctive contemporary style.

Their creations are conceded for maximum adaptability to any interior o exterior motifs, allowing for avaried combination of Materials, tones and textures.

CAPDELL has developed more than Fifty different lines of chairs, arm chairs and tables Smith aesthetic and functional characteristics certain to satisfy the specific needs for the home, hotel, restaurant and office.

Since the beginning, Capdell has been involved and compromised with the culture of the project, adding to its catalogue products of accredited professionals from di erent design disciplines.

Designers and architects as Carlos Tiscar, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Edeestudio, Fiorenzo Dorigo, Fran Silvestre, Francesc Rifé, Gabriel Teixidó, Kazuko Okamoto, Lucy Kurrein, Marcel Sigel, Mario Ruiz, Patrick Norguet, Rafa Ortega, Salvador Villalba, Vicent Martínez, Vicente Soto or Yonoh have all made signi cant contributions in producing exclusive products for CAPDELL.