Vicent Martínez

In Copenhagen and sitting on a traditional anonymous Danish stool, I received an email from Councilor Salvador Villalba requesting a text about the Capdell project. Casual and curious that day I was just in the Museum of Danish Design,

visiting the legendary hall: 110 chairs, and its iconic collection, where Danish designs are seen in perspective in contrast to other international ones. A complete history of the seating, where di erent cultures manifest their creativity.

In life, it’s permanent the use of chairs and tables. At home, at school, at the restaurant, at the bar, at games, at university, at the o ice or on the trips … and in all these circumstances I meet Capdell.
I see their chairs and tables, which speak of their course and evolution; Of their time, of their designers and of the histories that they have had.

They speak about the evolution of the chairs throughout centuries of history, about the cabinetmaking tradition of Valencia, where Capdell was founded, which is present today in all continents.
I see Capdell committed to design, culture and a taste for work well done, cultivating a contemporary sense that does not forget the tradition of carpentry.

Reaching 50 years of producing chairs is an achievement that can only be achieved when there is a design and industrial project team. As a designer, joining the Capdell project, where the passion for design is alive, I am delighted and proud following my long journey as a designer, publisher and producer. Thinking about the Capdell brand is to think about design and well-made product, … It is to think about continuing to sit stories.