patrick norguet

The design in the broad sense, or more precisely the act of creating, is primarily for me the fruit of a relationship: a designer and a company.
The quality of my creations rests on this complicity between my work and the factory.

For almost two years, Capdell and I have started exchanges: our trajectories, our visions on how to understand Capdell’s story, the analysis and the search for how we are going to associate our competencies.

Understand the needs and the stakes that justify the new project. Quickly a relationship of trust and mutual listening has been implanted among us. A rst point in common: Quality.

More than a company, Capdell is a team, a family I would say, an art of living that “smells good to Spain”.
It is for me a great happiness to be able to share and work in these conditions. Many times they ask me where I nd my inspiration. Of course, it is contextual, but precisely I think it comes from the quality of the men involved in the project.

Without that, my research would be impossible.
This year in Milan, we have presented together the fruit of this rst collaboration.
For the next 50 years, I want Capdell to continue on his way maintaining his sense of openness of vision, which in my opinion, is one of his multiple riches.