mario ruiz

One of the principles of design is to improve people’s lives. To get there, a designer can choose many paths. There is only one to do things well for others: to improve the lives of the people you work with.

I’ve been doing projects for many years. I learnt that there is not a single look that accompanies you in the journey, but in nite ways of living the design of an object. I do not mean looking for the best solution to work in each case. I refer that each one has a roadmap that is usually more or less constant.
I am talking about personal rewards, what you are collecting each time. And in that sense, the way to deal with it is endless: there are approaches that are “sel sh”, projects in which you embark because you insist that it is a job for you; There are others much more disinterested, sometimes even philanthropic, with which you really manage to step up and help improve the environment or the life of disadvantaged people; There are economic ones, when a project becomes an opportunity to improve your resources and to be able to nance other projects.

There are those that are an adventure, you do not know how they start and you cannot imagine how they end … But of all the roads through which I transit, the one that interests me most is the one that makes it possible, through design, to make happy the person who makes the order and the team involved in the work. That’s my big award as a designer.
The return of a project is not limited to a material issue, but the reward is to feel part of a team and receive a professional friendship, which sometimes ends up becoming a special family. This value, which the haste or ambition, or the lack of communication, blurred many times in almost all trades, is, in addition to other great things, the most exciting part in my relationship with Capdell. From the rst meeting I felt embraced by a group of People who put so much passion to what they do, and with whom they do, that it seems to me that I have been working with them all my life.