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insula by patrick norguet

Is a set of seats which, when joined together, can create different ambiences. Different types of environment. It is ideal for homes or common spaces. A combination that inspires creativity and personalization. It was Patrick Norguet wish to meet the expectations generated by this first collaborative project with Capdell and opted for a simple, elegant and, above all, imaginative solution. What strikes you about Insula is its open nature. Insula was created to grow and evolve. To mutate in search of new shapes, new structures, even new uses.

dual by gabriel teixidó

It is not easy to set about designing a chair and actually end up making a chair. This is no platitude. It is easy to lose your way in this repetitive process and in your attempts at being different. It is easy to end up doing something else. However, Gabi Teixidó was very much aware of this pitfall when he designed Dual. It is a chair that does not lose sight of what is important. One that invites you to sit down and stay put. Stylish and perfectly integrated in any kind of setting. An intelligent and practical collection, it has a common base and several alternative backs, an armchair with or without arms, X or XL. That’s Dual. And, there’s no doubt about it, the best part is the sitting down.

a-collection by fran silvestre

Springs from duality. From the confrontation of elements, which are in principle antagonistic, in a search for complements and camaraderie. Hence the use of metal for the supporting structure, the square outline and the octagonal geometry. Straight lines and cold materials which afford the piece stability. On the other hand, we have the shell in affable natural wood, with organic geometry to accommodate you with care and comfort. The whole cannot be more balanced. A creation that is surprisingly ergonomic and comfortable.

ply by mario ruiz

This project is an exercise in lightweight solidity. A simple shape that manages to transmit character with its slight and unassuming formula. The design of this chair and armchair is based on streamlined expression: calf leather covers a wooden or metal tube structure like a soft, lightweight suit. The body is an envelope, covering the architecture of the chair and helping it serve its purpose. A clear and simple folding process helps shape the piece and conceals unique expressive license at the back which is not an addition but rather emerges from the actual expression of the body of the chair in its construction: two openings that outline a shape with character. This is a seat that aspires to be a discrete daily companion. A balanced piece capable of sharing all kinds of spaces.

miró by claesson koivisto rune

Fresh, fun, rich in shapes and colours. Miró: the chair and armchair collection, with or without armrests, which features a thin plywood or beechwood frame and slender metal legs. Wide palette of colours available, with metal legs lacquered in the same colour of the chair. Cushion of the same colour available, if desired.

marta by gabriel teixidó

Nace gracias al profundo respeto de Gabriel Teixidó por la madera. Acariciarla, olerla y pensar que antes de objeto fue árbol es moralmente básico para cualquier proyecto en el que el diseñador intervenga. Y fruto de esta filosofía, en Marta sucede algo mágico, que algunas veces pasa, y es que el material y el objeto van de la mano, potenciándose uno a otro, creando una silla de madera con uniones trabadas vistas. Su estructura de gran ligereza y resistencia tiene distintos acabados en tapicería, madera y trincha.

libris by vicent martínez

Is a collection inspired by antique Dutch game tables, tables which place value on cabinetry, and which are simply built and mounted, and clearly opt for a return to classical types. This is a collection that has a contemporary design while not forgetting tradition. Fold-down and fixed tables for homes, caterers and offices. A closer look reveals bentwood and laminate wood arches and solid wood benches which support laminate board tops. These tops, like the leaves of a book bound with a carbon fibre spine open up and amaze us with their magnificence.