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may 2018



Once again, the exhibition at “Salone Internazionale del Mobile” Milan has been a great success.  Latest collection Droplets, was presented to the world. Catching the eyes of everybody passing by our stand. Just like all the other collections Nix, Marta and Libris S presented internationally for the first time.

Droplets, designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune, came from observations of how surface tension, forms drops of water on flat surfaces. Ended up with eight different shapes that all can be combined with each other, in any configuration.

Has been a nice time where to meet again with all the professionals who make possible this event, giving a very positive feedback to all the new designs.

Besides Droplets, Nix from Patrick Norguet, Marta from Gabriel Teixidó and the new system LIBRIS S from Vicent Martinez made their international debut.

From the elegance and versatility of the iconic design and spherical 3D geometry of Nix, to the fascination of wood touch and essence of the Marta, were also the principals of this important even

In addition of this collections  the visitors could also discover all the potential of the new Libris S table system. Tables that stick and grow without limit. Tables to develop individual or group work, for large or small meetings, for small or large celebrations. Offices, libraries and any other type of installations.

march 2018

february 2018



In the 2017 call, Capdell has been one of the beneficiary entities of the IVACE (Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness) subsidy as an aid to the internationalization plans of the SMEs of the Valencian Community. Among the subsidized actions, the following are included:
· Rental in international fairs abroad.
· International Marketing Plan.
· Creation and adaptation of the new web page.
· Accommodation and travel expenses to the countries included in the promotion plan.
· Participation abroad of promotion actions.

december 2017


Yonoh Creative Studio has chosen our Polo chair to present their design in ceramics Jasper, for Peronda’s Harmony collection. Jasper is a combination of textures and shapes that proposes an open game between modules. The Polo chair, also designed by Yonoh, fits in with the different shades of this set.

september 2017


An exhibition by Capdell in aid of the Theodora Foundation, designed by Salvador Villalba and Carlos Tíscar.

Can you play with a chair? This was the question that was asked in Capdell. And to which, later, Salvador Villalba and Carlos Tíscar responded with the exhibition SIT, THINK … PLAY.

The project, of a social nature, emerged a few years ago when Salvador Villalba, one of the creators of this exhibition, went through a serious illness. It was there, in the hospital, where he had the opportunity to witness closely the great work carried out by the Theodora Foundation.

As the thing was about children, Salvador Villalba and Carlos Tiscar started to play. Until they reached 50 variations of a single stool. Or what is the same: 50 unique toys. 50 and no more to celebrate a milestone of the brand with which the exhibition shares the year, the 50th Anniversary of Capdell.

The exhibition was presented in Milan during the Salone del Mobile, but has also been present in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Xàtiva and Gandía.

july 2017


Very pleased with our participation in the improvement of Casa Carmela, the historic paella restaurant of Malvarrosa Beach (Valencia), since 1922. At its table have been famous people like Hemingway or Vicente Blasco Ibáñez. A very enriching project in which we have worked with Nihil Studio, Elo construcciones, Muñoz Bosch and Marmoles Santamaría. Images of David Zarzoso, architecture photographer.

june 2017


Jagger Club is the latest project by Nihil Estudio, Radiante Lab and David Zarzoso in which we have been able to collaborate. Our Perch stool by Marcel Sigel occupies a privileged place. After a year working, the ambitious work finally sees the light. Congratulations everybody.

march 2017


If we had to keep something, only one thing in these fifty years, it would be impossible. And, if we are sincere, we do not see the necessity either.

We are everything that has happened to us in all this time. Everything. Every little story and every great decision. Everything as a whole, has taken us where we are now and has made us what we are. But, none of that, would have happened without persistence and commitment.

Our origin as manufacturers, of which we cannot be more proud. Our desire to grow, to be relevant. Our fears and our bets. Each one of the people who have passed through here, with whom we have shared challenges, successes and also frustrations.

We are the awards received and the blocking time looking at a blank page. We are that first chair number 1. And at the same time, the last libris table. That trip to the Milan Fair in 1982 full of doubts and of which we returned full of excitement.

We are the thousand attempts that were needed until we managed to shape the eco chair. And all calls we need to convince our designers, now friends, that collaborating with us was a great idea.

We are laughs and frowns. The applause and the blows on the table. Every splinter that we have stuck in our hands. And every drop of sweat that has slipped down our foreheads. We are fabric. Metal. And everything that we imagine. But above all, we are wood.

We are CAPDELL. A brand with fifty years of history that dies of desire to continue striving in the next fifties.